Episode #000 - The Intro

Join hosts Brad Glauser and Brad Walker as they introduce you to Edify Studios!

Here in episode one & the launch their first podcast 'The Brads' share their individual path's that allowed them to come together to create Edify Studios & discuss how they are disrupting the status quo of shifting architectural concepts into solutions. They offer a fresh perspective and broad range of experiences to the Pacific Northwest - market awareness, influencer network, project type and product solutions. Their hyper-focused industry knowledge and tactical sales strategy has proven that it’s one thing to sell a product; it’s another to have done it successfully as measured with profitable growth and customer depth & retention.

They believe that the value in Architectural Representation has depleted to a level that is unacceptable, especially in today's commercial construction marketplace where liability and risk is managed impeccably by contractors, developers and subcontractors. And through this they are challenging the industry to demand more from the manufactures.

By more they mean:

More Education & Training

More Design Assistance

More Major league level Consulting