Episode #002 - Design Assist | The Process

Join us for the next episode in the ‘Design Assist’ podcast series, as we address ‘The Process’. The path that is traveled by few, and documented by even less than those who travel it. As we continue to explore 'The Process' within Design Assist, we discuss the traditional buyout method of a commercial project and reverse engineer it, to extract the value of driving the 3 D's: Design Intent, Dollars & Dates. We challenge the traditional path by asking for the key stakeholder, in both Engineering and Project Management, that will execute the project to become engaged from the beginning, instead of being handed a bucket of money and a hap hazard schedule to execute a project.

We understand 'The Process' as (Knowing the game): From the pre-construction phase through the installation phase of the project.

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 Here at Edify Studios, the key to our success has been, and will be, to focus on 100% customer satisfaction, of which is achieved through three key tenants:


We recognize when anyone of these three tenants are void, the stability of success is eliminated. We achieve that preparation through a systemic sales process to bring a project opportunity to us, instead of chase it. 

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